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The first participants of the “Women in AI Internship” selected by Flapmax and Wentors

“As we launch the first group of Women in AI professionals, we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership between Flapmax and the Wentors community, known for its impactful support of women in tech across the globe,” said Dave Ojika, Founder and CEO, Flapmax. “Launching this partnership is an important milestone for Flapmax as we continue to build community projects that empower women.”

Program participants will select specific knowledge tracks offered by the Flapmax Artificial Intelligence Institute (FAI). As part of the technology stream, interns will gain hands-on experience in emerging AI technology areas and develop conventional and unconventional skills, including building “responsible” AI models and analyzing and debugging. targeting underserved industries while improving market visibility and ecosystem partnerships. Equipped with strong data integrity and modeling skills, these future AI professionals will help businesses in their own region adopt innovative technology approaches and solutions, including helping to support Flapmax’s goal of d ignite the tech industry through Africa.

“We believe that AI is a critical ingredient for building a digital community and advancing the workforce in the global tech village,” said Toluwase Olugbemiro, brand communications manager at Wentors. “Supporting all members of the future AI workforce is essential to meeting the demands of the future, and we are proud to help launch the AI-based careers of our first fifty participants in the program.”

During the 12-week training program, participants will participate in hands-on industry projects and benefit from technical and non-technical mentorship. Participants will have access to specialized courses to improve their learning outcomes while earning new certifications to increase the value of their career in the marketplace. Additionally, attendees will be exposed to startups from Africa and other emerging markets and will collaborate with industry players through joint research, co-publications and storytelling to expand their professional development and increase their career options. Upon completion of the program, participants will join Flapmax’s talent network and benefit from long-term work opportunities with Flapmax’s global partners.

A second cohort of Women in AI interns is expected to be announced very soon.

About Windors

Wentors is a global community of women in tech who support each other. We help develop women in tech through our mentorship programs and upskilling initiatives across the globe, with an ambitious goal of impacting over 8 million women globally by 2030. We have developed a diverse and vibrant community of over 5,000 women in tech across five continents and are dedicated to changing the narratives of women in tech, transforming lives and making millions of dreams a reality through this process.

About Flapmax

Flapmax is a data and artificial intelligence technology company committed to expanding opportunities for technology innovation and implementation worldwide. With its technology acceleration platform, Flapmax encourages cross-border collaboration and helps companies measure and optimize AI models and implement digital transformation solutions. Flapmax creates global partnerships to ignite the local tech industry through Africa and globally. Working with universities around the world, Flapmax helps connect the next generation of innovators with sustainable technology goals and cutting-edge professional skills.

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