Pratt Institute course immerses students in "advanced technologies"

Pratt Institute course immerses students in “advanced technologies”

Promotion: According to the New York-based design school, Pratt Institute’s Fashion New Media course enables students to produce a market-ready design portfolio and build their professional network.

Pratt Institute’s Fashion New Media course offers a multidisciplinary curriculum that invites students to examine fashion and the “digital landscape” that surrounds it.

The front facade of the Pratt Institute
The Pratt Institute is based in New York. Image by Deniz Gonel, BFA ’24. Image above by Tony Murray,

The course aims to equip students with an in-depth knowledge of fashion, in addition to experience in CAD design, interior design, video production, graphic design, branding and digital marketing.

It includes small interactive courses in person or via Zoom. Students also have access to software for remote use and designated campus labs.

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The institute’s Fashion New Media course focuses on “cutting-edge fashion technologies”. Image by Pratt Institute instructor Paul Sunday

Throughout the program, students can also meet designers and innovators of emerging technologies, including those working in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

“In the course, students interact with the most advanced fashion technologies available today,” said Clare Tattersall, course instructor and founder of Digital Fashion Week New York.

“Each week they meet with digital designers and innovators of emerging technologies including AR, VR and NFT,” Tattersall added.

A photograph of a computer desk
Students have access to software for remote use and designated campus labs. Image by Katie Kwok, BArch ’23

Course lecturer Nicole Reader, who is also the founder of digital fashion consultancy Modern Mirror, believes leveraging technology in this way has driven their brand’s success.

“Using our technology, we are able to capture people’s true appearance as 3D animated representations of themselves, allowing them to try on and wear ready-to-wear or unique collections, unlocking the next level of personalization into the Metaverse through their digital selves,” Reader commented.

Pratt Institute foyer
Pratt Institute is a leading design school. Image by Katie Kwok, BArch ’23

As part of the course, students also participate in a final virtual exhibit, which they can use to create a professional design portfolio while showcasing the various skills they have learned.

“A truly multidisciplinary program, Fashion New Media encompasses more than digital fashion,” said the Pratt Institute.

“The program offers many elective course options that allow students to earn micro-degrees in CAD Design, Interior Design, Branding and Digital Marketing, Photography and Video Production, Graphic Design, UX Design /UI and more.”

Pratt Institute Conference
The course has a diverse interdisciplinary curriculum. Image courtesy of the Pratt Institute

Every semester, international students enroll in the F1 visa course, according to the design school.

International students studying in the United States for three semesters can undertake Optional Practical Training (OPT), which provides work authorization for up to one year, “effectively transforming the program into a powerhouse for experiential learning in New York and a significant opportunity for a resume boost.”

“We are pleased to have access to an international audience,” said Chris Ferrara, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Programs, Pratt SCPS.

To learn more about the course and how to apply, visit the Pratt Institute website.

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