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OneSoft Launches Phase One of Pipeline Integrity as a Service, Machine Learning Corrosion Analysis Automates Manual Work and Reduces Costs

EDMONTON, AB /ACCESSWIRE/September 26, 2022/ OneSoft Solutions Inc. (TSX-V:OSS)(OTCQB:OSSIF) (“OneSoft” Where “Company“) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, OneBridge Solutions Inc. (“OneBridge“), will present its breakthrough corrosion growth analysis solution at the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary, Alberta, September 26-30, 2022. Corrosion Growth Rate Analysis (“CGRS“) is the first component of OneBridge’s Integrity-as-a-Service (“IaaS“) cloud-based solution that will allow integrity engineers to use the company’s Cognitive Integrity Management™ components (“CIM“) solution to drive and automate pipeline integrity processes with features that have been validated and adopted by many enterprise-level pipeline operators for managing their pipeline assets, ultimately using a live environment. self-service line.

Management estimates that approximately 6,500 line inspections (“SG“) passes are performed annually by the Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection Gauge/Tool (“PIG“) suppliers in the United States, as part of industry efforts to maintain the safe and reliable operation of pipelines. The data is compared to prior ILI datasets that are collected for the same pipeline segment to determine the growth rate of corrosion and other potential pipeline failure threats. This data runs comparisons (“Runcoms“) are typically conducted today by health engineers using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and legacy systems and processes that involve tedious and extensive manual labor efforts. Due to the very large volumes of data involved, most of data (i.e. 95%) is filtered from the comparison process, with only candidate anomalies and features being analyzed on a pit-to-pit basis And due to the large amount of data involved, only datasets Most recent and subsequent ILIs are typically compared and analyzed, excluding the additional intelligence that more historical data might provide Analysis of limited candidate data is extrapolated to the rest of the pipeline and subjective assumptions such as “6 mm of wall loss per year” or “half-life to failure” predictions are used to make risk predictions. Costs of performing Runcoms by PIG vendors and third-party consultants using legacy methodologies typically range between (USD) $10,000 and $50,000, depending on how my Any potential anomalies are analyzed during the process and typically require weeks or months to complete.

An industry first, OneBridge’s CGRA IaaS solution is revolutionary in that ILI datasets, regardless of PIG vendor or tool technology, can be “dragged and dropped” onto the environment CGRA secure Microsoft cloud. CGRA’s Virtual Integrity Engineering capability will load and align all data, perform 100% pit-to-pit match of all anomalies and features from any number of ILI datasets that are uploaded and corrosion growth rate analysis and reporting occurs within minutes or hours.

OneBridge intends to charge a fixed fee of $4,950 (USD) to perform Runcoms involving two ILI datasets and $500 for each additional historical ILI dataset that is uploaded for analysis. These time and cost savings result from CGRA’s machine learning capabilities, which process large amounts of data using Microsoft’s Azure secure cloud computing platform and require minimal human effort to administration. Operators who choose to use CGRA may be able to expand their use by adopting other CIM functions such as assessment planning, excavation management, threat monitoring, GIS data correlation, management of the logistics system and processes and expanded reporting and data visualization functions as these new components are deployed. in the future on a pay-per-user IaaS basis.

“To date, our strategy has been to focus on selling enterprise systems to industry leaders, whose user feedback and experiences have strongly validated our CIM platform and data analytics approach that leverage machine learning and cloud computing,” said Brandon Taylor, President of OneSoft. “The deployment of corrosion growth rate analysis as the first component of Integrity as a Service demonstrates the scalability of enterprise CIM functionality. Our IaaS approach will enable the more than 1,800 U.S. enterprises that operate less than 1,000 miles of pipeline to utilize and realize the effectiveness of the advanced integrity management methodologies our Fortune 50 and 100 CIM customers have access to, in a cost-effective and affordable manner.”

About OneSoft and OneBridge

OneSoft has developed software technology and products capable of transitioning legacy on-premises licensed software applications to run on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. Our business strategy is to seek opportunities to integrate data science and machine learning, business intelligence and predictive analytics to create cost-effective, subscription-based software-as-a-service solutions. Visit for more information.

OneSoft’s wholly-owned subsidiary, OneBridge Solutions Canada Inc., develops and markets revolutionary new SaaS solutions that use advanced data science and machine learning to analyze big data using predictive analytics to help oil and gas pipeline operators predict pipeline failures to save lives, protect the environment, reduce operating costs and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Visit for more information.

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