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AR Post covered awareness months ago as the XR industry turns its many lenses on important issues like emotional health. However, November could become “National XR Month”, thanks to an initiative by the Reality Caucus and the XR Association.

National XR month, you say?

Late last month, Reality Caucus member Rep. Darrell Issa proposed that November be recognized as “National XR Month.” According to the yet-to-be-passed resolution, the designation would recognize “the positive economic and cultural impact of XR in the United States” and “promote the development of this important emerging technology.”

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In order for the awareness month to become an official event, Issa’s proposal still has to go through a few regulatory steps. But, something doesn’t have to be printed in the Farmer’s Almanac to be a national holiday. The XRA has already committed to celebrating National XR Month, whether the President approves of it or not.

“National XR Month creates a new annual special opportunity to raise awareness of immersive technologies and the important role they play,” XRA CEO Elizabeth Hyman said in a statement. “Countless innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs are helping to build this next major computing platform, making XR essential to our future.”

XR Month XRA

This level of awareness would naturally include the type of people who already watch XRA and the Reality Caucus, as well as the ever-widening circle of casual XR users. It would also help keep immersive technology front and center in the eyes of regulators.

“Ultimately, legislation recognizing the importance of XR technology helps build industry support among policymakers,” Joan O’Hara, senior vice president of public policy for XRA, said in the statement.

A major public opportunity

The Reality Caucus and XRA are all about education. However, they usually have quite specific target audiences.

The Reality Caucus is a bipartisan group of U.S. representatives who typically focus on educating other policymakers about immersive technology as it relates to competition and security. On the other hand, the XRA is a professional organization promoting the responsible advancement of XR by working directly between manufacturers and developers.

This does not mean that these organizations are not open to the public. Each year, a member of the Reality Caucus has been a keynote speaker at the AR/VR Policy Conference co-hosted by the XRA and the Information Technology Innovation Foundation, which is free to attend or view online. The XRA also recently published a very accessible guide to XR technology.

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However, a national month dedicated to XR would probably be the most public initiative undertaken by either of these organizations so far.

Submit your XR event

So far, no fashion shows are scheduled for XR month. If you have an XR event, whether it’s scheduled for XR month or not, let XRA know. Awareness Month so far is a list of XR events happening during the month hosted by the XRA. The press release linked above includes a form where you can recommend your event.

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