How to Improve Brand Image?

Because companies are able to control the image of their brand indirectly and to a only a certain extent, it’s essential to enhance your brand’s image to the best of your ability. This can be accomplished practical in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Monitoring word-of-mouth is a factor that can influence the development of perceptions that make up the brand image
  • Ensures that you are able to deliver the value that you promise customers in your position statement
  • Constantly communicating your unique value and character by using marketing strategies
  • Offering high-quality products and services, with a focus on the user experience

How to Assess the Image of a Brand Image

The measurement of brand image with only one measurement can be difficult because it is based on the subjective perceptions. But, it is still important in helping managers identify positive and negative aspects of their brand. This they can then work on and align with their mission and values.

A few ways to assess the brand’s image are:

1. Measurement of Brand Perception using Focus Groups, surveys, and Social Media Listening

This is about understanding how customers feel about your brand. If they are more satisfied with their opinions, the more positive your image as a brand:

  • Surveys on brand perception allow businesses to assess how much consumers are able to connect with their brand and how well they are aware of the mission and values that you wish to communicate.
  • The focus groups could achieve similar results by having more informal discussions that allow organizations to assess the general attitude and perceptions toward a brand and then get a better understanding of the strength and character of the image that a brand has.
  • Social Media Monitoring is possible through listening to conversations and mentions of the brand on social media.

2. Brand Concept Maps

They are visual representations of brands as formulated by the consumers.

It is the first thing to determine the associations that are in existence by doing market research (perhaps by using survey or focus group discussions, as described above).

Second, an organization could draw out the associations that are relevant to their brand and then combing them to create an overall map that conveys an overall view of the image of the company’s brand.

3. Semantic Differential Scaling

This method employs anadverbs that are polar opposites as the endpoints of the scale that customers are able to use to assess the quality of a brand. Every response can be quantified using an numerical score that can be then used to determine an average. This gives companies an overall view of how their brand is perceived, and the degree to which the image of their brand is.

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