Dr. Jaswinder Grover, Board-Certified Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon, Joins Harvard MedTech Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Jaswinder Grover, Board-Certified Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon, Joins Harvard MedTech Medical Advisory Board

LAS VEGAS, Nevada–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jaswinder Grover, MD, A board-certified spine and orthopedic surgeon with over 25 years of experience in the medical field, has been appointed to the Harvard MedTech Medical Advisory Board.

“Dr. Grover’s breadth of experience in orthopedics, spine surgery, and medical technology/devices will provide important perspective on how workers are treated and recover from workplace injuries,” said noted Gerry Stanley, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Harvard MedTech.”Our Medical Advisory Board will benefit greatly from his years of managing the care of employees who have suffered workplace trauma as well as his years of insight into the development of medical devices and of medical technology.”

Harvard MedTech is an innovative digital health company that harnesses the new science of how the brain works to lessen the effects of trauma, including pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. The company’s Vx® Therapy platform integrates purpose-built virtual reality experiences, psychosocial support, digital engagement and proprietary AI algorithms to retrain neural pathways in the brain. The therapy has been shown to improve treatment outcomes in workers’ compensation patients and others with pain and trauma.

Dr. Grover is founder and owner of the Allegiant Institute and the Smoke Ranch Surgery Center. He is a member of the American Medical Association, UCLA Aesculapian Society, Nevada Orthopedic Association, and Clark County Medical Society.

The goal of the Harvard MedTech Medical Advisory Board is to drive industry-wide innovation around Vx® Therapy in the treatment of occupational trauma. Vx® Therapy is a disruptive approach that uses virtual reality, behavioral coaching, and artificial intelligence to alter the brain’s experience of pain, without drugs or unnecessary surgery. Each member’s specific expertise lends a particular perspective to pain management that has been determined to be of significant strategic importance as Harvard MedTech strives to make the world a better place by alleviating human suffering.

“I would be very interested in focusing on how Harvard MedTech’s Vx® therapy can provide an alternative solution to pharmacological approaches to pain, depression and anxiety associated with occupational injuries, and in patients in general,” Dr. Grover said. a therapy that can provide a cost-effective alternative with long-term benefits for workers.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Grover join our Medical Advisory Board, both for his outstanding clinical expertise and experience and for his insights as a hugely successful physician entrepreneur,” said Shan Padda, CEO and Founder of Harvard MedTech. . “His practice is one of the best practices, operationally and administratively, that I have seen in the market. Physicians are important partners for us as we accelerate the rollout of our solution, and advisory board members like Dr. Grover will help us ensure that our program design is optimized for physician engagement and oversight.

About Harvard MedTech

Harvard MedTech’s Vx® Therapy model is unique in that it is the first to fully integrate digital technologies with behavioral health interventions in a virtual application that can be managed in the patient’s home. This virtual engagement leads to greater compliance, improved patient satisfaction and optimal outcomes. It also allows the solution to be affordable and scalable in terms of population health. This non-invasive, non-pharmacological approach also provides traceable data for a clear assessment of its value to patients and healthcare providers. Visit www.harvardmedtech.com for more information.

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