Don’t Worry Honey: Victory Explained

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Don’t Worry DarlingWhile there’s a lot to be said for the film that turned out to be the biggest internet sensation of the year, the concept behind don’t worry darling is an ambitious take on entrenched and patriarchal notions of what it means to be a woman from a man’s perspective. That being said, the film, riddled with plot errors and what can only be considered rushed explanations and a predictable ending, fails to deliver a successful exposition of its intended concept.

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Why does Jack choose victory?

Frustrated and resentful Jack (Harry Styles), instead of falling in love with his girlfriend all over again for supporting his penniless ass, resorts to restoring his supposedly challenged masculinity by… well, by being a man. He is waiting for Alice (Florence Poug) to take care of household chores despite working more hospital shifts as a surgeon than usual to take care of their joint finances. He also expects her to be ready to jump into bed with him after a 30-hour shift, and she’s due back at work in six hours! It’s obvious Jack isn’t like Friends‘ Chandler, glad his partner is home late from work as he finds his feet. And that’s where Victory comes in.


What is victory?

Set in the 1950s, Victory is an idyllic, utopian town where women stick to household business and enjoy boozy afternoons by the pool when their men go off to work to support the family. In reality, of course, it is a fake world, created through a virtual reality program that connects people to this shared experience. While the women of Victory are there against their will, cut off from their real lives both physically and mentally, the men seem to be there of their own free will. Here, unlike in the real world, their masculinity is unquestioned, they are the sole breadwinners and their partners are excellent housewives – unquestionably happy in their oblivion.

How did Jack and Alice end up in this virtual reality?

Victory is a creation of Chris Pinethe character of Frank, who developed the program to empower unhappy men to feel in charge again. Using a podcast, the villain recruits members for what can only be called his cult. Jack, clearly resentful of Alice for succeeding professionally and making her feel insecure about his manhood (whatever that actually means), decides to join the artificial world. Here, he becomes the ultimate provider of his wife, whom he traps in reality against her will, without her knowledge… at first.

How does Victory tackle the problem of proximity?

It is unclear how so many people share the same reality in don’t worry darling, given that almost no families in the real world are remotely connected to each other. Speculation suggests that The Victory Project may be an incredibly advanced form of virtual reality that turns every person into an avatar, allowing people to exist in the same reality when they are, in fact, far apart. .

How does the technology work?

The film doesn’t go into detail about how the technology actually works, but seeing Jack log into the program makes it clear that the project is essentially a form of hypnosis. It allows men to enter the life of their dreams while forcing women to become helpless housewives with no freedom or autonomy. The eye device Jack sets up seems to mentally teleport people back to the 1950s setting – a time when life was relatively simple and men could strut around like they owned the world. The headquarters, located on top of a mountain in the middle of the desert, is where the men enter and leave the program by making contact with the mirror windows.

Why are only men allowed to leave the program?

Quite simply because women have never had a say. They are like prisoners, trapped in an artificial reality not only physically but also mentally, deprived of both their true identity and their true memories. The men, meanwhile, voluntarily enter the program and return to their mediocre jobs when they go off to work to pay Frank for using his technology. Overall, it would appear that the Victory Project is a futuristic, if not entirely fictional, program that traps people in their minds, creating a false reality that only exists in simulation. Whether they’re there by choice or tethered to technology against their will, the people of Victory lead disconnected lives that bring happiness in the direst of conditions.

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