Brand Image vs Brand Identity

The term”brand image” describes the entire perception externally – the image society and consumers have of an brand.

The brand image is a collection of every thought, opinion as well as associations and feelings one may experience regarding the brand or product.

what is the distinction between brand image and brand identity?

A portion of the image is comprised of (sometimes completely human) traits that are assigned to the identity of a brand. This is the reason why branding and image are frequently employed as synonyms for each other.

The primary distinction between brand image and identity is in the way they are perceived. While the brand image is what people perceive from an outside perspective, identity of the brand is controlled specifically by the owner of the brand. The brand’s identity is the way the owner of the brand to be perceived by the public.

The more the brand’s image aligns with the externally perceived image, the better distinctiveness and character of the brand’s image within the marketplace. This is why it’s important for businesses to create a distinctive brand identity that perfectly reflects the business’s identity and brand.

The reason why a great image of a brand is an effective business booster is usually believed to be due to its recognition. However, the degree of awareness of a brand defines the extent of the image that it has created however, it does not reflect the content.

A positive image of a brand is an outcome of recognition as well as appeal. An excellent example is ratiopharm in the homogeneous, conservative pharmaceuticals market, the company is distinctive due to its extensive marketing plan which has been in place for over two years and has built a popular self-similar image for the general public.

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