AI Image Creator DALL-E 2 is coming to Microsoft software, including Bing

AI Image Creator DALL-E 2 is coming to Microsoft software, including Bing

DALL-E 2, an artificial intelligence program capable of creating stunning images from simple text input, is coming to Microsoft products, including the Bing search engine.

The company is adding DALL-E 2 access to streamline digital art creation for consumers who lack the skills to produce professional, unique images.

With DALL-E 2, a user just needs to enter a textual description, for example “an orange cat using a laptop”, and the program will do its best to create just that – all in less than a minute. DALL-E 2 is smart enough to produce the image in a variety of styles, including photorealistic art to abstract or cartoon-like images.

The DALL-E 2 image generator. (Credit: OpenAI)

Last month, the research lab behind the program, OpenAI, opened DALL-E 2 to the public, giving anyone the chance to use it for free. OpenAI is now expanding access even further through the Microsoft partnership, which was announced at its Surface event on Wednesday.

Redmond is first adding DALL-E 2 to a new enterprise app called Microsoft Designer, which will be offered through Microsoft 365. The app promises to allow users to create social media posts, invitations, postcards numbers, graphics, etc. with the help of DALL. -E 2.

Microsoft picture

Microsoft Designer app.

“With Designer, there’s no need to spend time creating maps or social media posts from scratch,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post. “And you no longer have to search through thousands of pre-made templates. Designer invites you to start with an idea and let the AI ​​do the heavy lifting.

The user simply needs to enter a description of the image they wish to create. The Designer app then presses DALL-E 2 to create multiple versions of the desired image, which can then be customized with a frame, text or other settings. “The Designer app was born out of Power Point, where Designer uses AI to make template suggestions when you create a presentation,” Microsoft added.

The Designer app will initially arrive as a free web preview(Opens in a new window) that users can sign up for early access. “Once the app is ready for general availability, it will be available both as a free app and with more premium features available to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers,” Microsoft said. Additionally, the company plans to eventually integrate the Designer app into Microsoft’s Edge browser, making it even easier to access.

Bing Search

Image creator on Bing.

The other way Redmond is adopting DALL-E 2 is by bringing it to the Bing search engine through a new “Image Creator” feature. Microsoft sees DALL-E 2 as a solution when your Bing image search results don’t return the result you want. “With Microsoft Bing’s new Image Creator, you’ll be able to create images that don’t yet exist, limited only by your imagination,” the company said.

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The Image Creator feature on Bing will also work by taking text input. For now, Microsoft plans to release the feature through a limited preview for certain geographies before expanding it further.

“As Image Creator becomes available, you can access it by going to the Bing Images tab and clicking on ‘Image Creator’, going to in a new window) or through the Image Creator icon in the Microsoft Edge sidebar,” the company added.

The expansion of DALL-E 2 may raise concerns about abuse since the program is adept at creating photorealistic images of anything you desire. However, Microsoft says Open AI has already added filters and safeguards to prevent the program from creating images that violate its content policies.(Opens in a new window). “In addition to this, Microsoft has incorporated techniques that further help prevent abuse, including blocking additional requests on sensitive topics,” Redmond added.

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