Is the Healthcare Industry Doing Enough to Meet Online Demands?

72% - That’s the percentage of internet users who say they have gone online for health information within the past year (according to Pew Internet Project’s research related to health and healthcare).  One in three American adults have gone online specifically to figure out a medical condition (PEW Health Online 2013).

The question that most healthcare related businesses should be asking is: are we doing enough to reach that growing audience?  For some, the answer is yes – many industry leaders have turned to online media and social media sources, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, to let patients and providers know about their services and products.  Others probably know they need to do more in this area.

People tend to turn to different sources for different kinds of information. Those in the healthcare industry who understand the details of their audience, and use a variety of online sources to create a buzz about their products or services, will be the most effective in reaching an audience that will mean the most to their bottom line. 

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