The Political World Takes to Twitter After Decisions

No matter where you fall on these specific issues, today's two decisions and yesterday's Voting Rights Act decision by the US Supreme Court highlight how prevalent social media has become on Capitol Hill.

As soon as the decisions came down, politicians and thousands of others took to Twitter to voice their support, objection, or disapproval.


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According to Andrew Springer of ABC News, “as of 1 p.m. ET (6/25/13), over 79,000 tweets have been sent containing #SCOTUS or “Supreme Court,” according to Topsy Pro. (Which as a certified partner of Twitter has full access to Twitter’s fire hose.) Over 57,000 tweets in the same amount of time have included “voting rights” or #VRA.”

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What this all clearly demonstrates is how much a part of the political culture Twitter and other forms of social media have become in Washington. Politicians, their staff, and the reporters who cover them are all using these sites to engage with and listen to constituents, businesses, and influencers.

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Having a clear strategy for reaching policy makers in the spaces where they are listening is a critical component for any business, non-profit, or institution that is looking to move their viewpoints forward in Washington. Those who ignore these mediums are falling behind competing voices. Those who embrace these mediums have a more influential voice than ever before.