Our Leadership

Brent R. Carney, CEO

Brent has developed and implemented strategic national campaigns for nonprofits, health and science organizations, educational institutions, construction and real estate firms, and Fortune 15 technology corporations. 

An expert in social media, communications, public affairs, and crisis communications, Brent is considered an industry leader in developing programs that exceed goals and strategically reach influencers and key audiences.

Brent has served in the senior leadership for two U.S. Senators, has served as a Vice President at two Boston-based global communications firms, as Director of Communications at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, and he began his career in a television newsroom.

Contact: bcarney@carneycommunications.com


Chris Carney, Vice President and California Director

Chris has more than a decade of experience crafting strategies providing outreach, communications, and government relations support for nonprofit and government organizations. 

Chris led the Metropolitan Washington, DC office of the Sierra Club, and five years managing Western States campaign for the Union of Concerned Scientists, where he conducted online communications to tens of thousands of scientists, and provided training and support to enable scientists to become more effective communicators in key policy conservations. Chris serves on the Board of Directors for the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition.  

Contact: chriscarney@carneycommunications.com


Sherry Hao, Director of Nonprofit Strategy

Sherry has more than 14 years of wide-ranging experience in nonprofit management. She has served in roles from fundraiser, program manager, and executive director for a diverse mix of organizations. Sherry provides strategic support to nonprofit organizations in key areas including membership development, group/meeting facilitation, organizational short and long-range planning, fundraising, staff cohesion, publication and editing, outreach strategies, as well as program/project design and implementation. 

Contact: shao@carneycommunications.com